Why Jumpstart is the Right Choice for You

Because we’re more about personal changing than personal training…

Let’s get straight to the point. The reason why Jumpstart is right for you is because Emily Barclay has been exactly where you are right now.

When you don’t know where to begin and it feels like there’s a mountain to climb, it’s all too easy to put off everything till tomorrow.

And Emily knows this struggle. Especially when you are constantly bombarded by magazine articles, television shows and social media posts that all tell you what you should be doing…


Jumpstart is different…

Jumpstart is not aimed at muscle building or athletic performance. It’s about looking at exercise in an alternative way. We believe you should only work-out to a schedule that’s simple, achievable and flexible enough to bend around your lifestyle.

And our attitude is one that focuses on success. One of the biggest killers of motivation is guilt.

All those motivational quotations and instagram photos just seem to be taunting you from afar. But this is about your journey and no-one else’s.

That’s why we simply forget the failures and only bother with where you are right now – today.

Making changes is always difficult and personally challenging. But with Jumpstart holding your hand through those mental blocks and physical barriers, you are already putting yourself in first place.


At Jumpstart we like to focus on three key areas:

  • Mindset giving you the mental skills to change the way you approach fitness and health without the worry.
  • Adaptability Jumpstart is about how you live your life and finding exercise and fitness to fit with you – not the other way round.
  • Success getting where you are going at your own speed is crucial to fitness. We’re about where you are, not where you supposedly should be…


Personal Changer

Although Emily is anything but conventional, she has completed the training necessary for a level three personal trainer. And she has all the relevant trade accreditations and insurance that you would expect from any professional in the industry.

It’s in your head that Emily makes the difference. As an firm believer in small changes bringing big results, she can support all the way you towards your new lifestyle.


Your Next Step


Want to find out if Jumpstart is the right plan and package for you?


Whatever schedule and plan you’re thinking of starting, take advantage of our free 20 minute Skype consultation session.


You’ll be able to explore whether or not Emily is the right person to help you out – and gain some advice on how to best move forward…