I’m Emily.

An ordinary girl who wants to revolutionise the lives of inactive people, one step at a time. I’m qualified as a personal trainer, so I can get the correct insurance, but my real qualification is empathy and experience of how liberating movement can be. I can also personally relate to how alien the idea of movement can feel.

There are thousands of gyms and as many personal trainers out there that will promise you a complete transformation, a new you.

My promise is a little different.

I can introduce you to the real you, the one inside. The one that wants to feel good about themselves and is confident, strong and unique.   

But before we dive into that let me share my story of how I arrived at a life that is a little more balanced than it used to be.

Here are a few reasons I feel I am uniquely qualified to be the champion for embracing fitness.


  1. The journey to get to this point

Over the years I have experimented with several different career paths, the common theme is people. I’ve learnt a lot about how humans work emotionally and physically. Each experience brought new connections, ideas and successes.

Now in my forties, I feel truly qualified to help people discover their personal version of embracing fitness.


  1. I’m not a “sporty type”

At school I don’t remember being the first choice for the netball team!

I did once manage to get on the hockey C team, when the opposition school wanted to field a third team. Suddenly our games teacher was looking right at me!

Then there is the memory of being the only person not in sports kit when, as head of house, I accepted the sports day prize. How mortifying to be in normal clothes when everyone else had done all the hard work!

All these little memories created an inner voice that likes to remind me I am not a “sporty type”.

I have to work hard to quiet it. I can help you to, too.


  1. I found a habit that helped: walking dogs  

While working in a ski resort ironically I found myself in a very sedentary job. I needed a reason to get walking. This is when I got my first dog.

Luca gave purpose to the daily movement I needed, and our walks around the lake became a part of life. She returned to the UK with me and is now the head of our pack of six.

I walk a lot! It’s my ‘me time’. Having the dogs reliant on me creates a habit that I know I need. It gives movement a purpose, and gets me out into nature.


  1. I’m an awesome listener

Over the years I have found that people find it easy to talk to me.

I put people at ease. I never judge, and always listen with an open mind.

This is just so important for my clients, who often feel very nervous about taking the first step towards getting more active.

Knowing you’ll be listened to, heard, and never judged is absolutely key to getting started, to breaking down those barriers, to quieting the little voice that says you can’t do it.


  1. Success

I celebrate all successes, every single one.

Failures I spend less time on, grab the learning and run!

Each person’s success is different. It might be to walk further, to get to the top of the stairs still able to chat, to start running…

It doesn’t matter what the goal, achieving something is always worth the acknowledgment.

Because I come at this from a non “sporty type” background, I very clearly remember my milestones, and how ecstatic I was when I reached each one.


  1. I’m just me.

I am a realist. I eat cake. I drink wine. I am not a size 6. I have found confidence in who I am. I trust my body to be strong, and to be able to be trained to do whatever I want it to do.


  1. Somehow I became a triathlete (albeit a slow one!).

My first real introduction into the sporty world was when my partner and I entered our first triathlon.

It was an enormous personal challenge. I had never trained for anything, let alone a triathlon.

Who knew that swimming, biking and running could be so much fun; that you would meet so many interesting people; that getting a medal was such an amazing feeling?

Well, certainly I didn’t!

Triathlon is now my sport of choice, but it’s not right for everyone.

For some people it’s walking, or dancing, some people love the beach, others prefer a muddy field and a map.

Doesn’t matter. I can help you find your thing; your fitter, happier self.





Emily understands my goals

Before signing up to Embracing Fitness I would have never dreamed of having a Personal Trainer. However Emily really understands my fitness goals around training for triathlons. I’m 41 and hadn’t really done a huge amount of fitness before but Emily has tailored the sessions so I can really see a difference in my triathlon training sessions.
Most of all she makes everything fun and accessble, and many a time we enjoy a good giggle during our sessions. The other important thing that Emily understands is that I have to fit my sessions in around working and being a single parent of two small children, and she is really thoughtful around adapting the training to suit what I can fit in and where in my week.
Overall I can’t recommend Embracing Fitness enough! If anyone is either new to fitness, or wants a more detailed plan very tailored to them, then Embracing Fitness is the place to go. I wish I’d have been able to find someone like Emily sooner!

Sarah-Jayne February 19, 2017

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