Individuals Embracing Fitness

One to one personal training BungayWould you like one-to-one training – a bit of “me” time? I’ll come to you and we’ll work out quite what your goals are, and together we’ll make them happen.

Pay as you go 1hr session: £35

Pay as you go 30 min sessions: £20

Block of 10 x 30 min sessions: £150



Couples/Friends Embracing Fitness

friends personal training BungayNotice that you and your partner are your own worst enemies for buying the “wrong” food or never getting active? Want to enlist some friends for moral support? Why not sign up together? See who can do the most squats?

So long as you have the space (living room with furniture moved out of the way, for example), I can train up to 5 friends together. A great chance for a gossip, while finding a fitter you.

Pay as you go 1hr session: £40

Pay as you go 30 min sessions: £25

Block of 10 x 30 min sessions: £175


(All blocks of 10 sessions to be taken within a 4 month period from booking, see Terms and Conditions for more information)

For all training, I will come to you, and we will exercise in your house, or in the outside world near your home (your dog is welcome to join us!). FACE TO FACE TRAINING IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE BUNGAY AND HARLESTON AREA. If you live further afield, please contact us about training over Skype

Before we start, I’ll come and meet you so we can get to know each other and establish what you would like me to help you achieve, and I will then build a plan for you, tailored to your goals. This first meet-up will be free, and a chance for you to see if you like what I am offering, and to ask any questions you have. We can discuss what sorts of exercise you enjoy, and what you dislike, as well as what you can expect from the sessions.