Hopefully you’ll find the answer you’re after in here, but if not, please contact me

What equipment will I need? You won’t need any special equipment. I have been known to use a dog as a weight for bicep curls! No, seriously, any weights you might need can be fashioned from kitchen cupboard staples – dumbbell = baked bean can, for example. During the Skype consult we’ll discuss what you can use as equipment.

What clothes should I wear? Comfy clothes that you can move easily in. A good sports bra (for women) is by far the best investment. On the outside, a t-shirt and jogging bottoms are fine. Depending on the flooring you’ll be on in your house, you may find you are comfortable in bare feet, or you might want to wear trainers.

I’m ill/injured – what do I do? Don’t exercise. If you are ill, let me know and we’ll rejig your plan. If you’re injured, let me know and depending on the injury I can work with your physio, or we can suspend your Jumpstart until you’re up and at it again.

I am really struggling to fit the exercises in – Tell me. I can only help you if I know. Hopefully we’ll have covered this in the Skype consult but I am here to help!

Will I lose weight? Weight loss as the primary¬†goal is something I discourage. I want to enable you to get fitter, healthier, more active. You may well lose some weight, but please don’t judge your progress by the scales.

How soon will I see changes? If you stick to the plan, you should notice you’re feeling better in yourself by the end of the 4 weeks. You should find exercise you did previously is just that bit easier. Obviously this is just a starting point for a more active life, but 4 weeks is long enough to get some results.