You’re an intelligent woman, you know you ought to exercise, you know you’d feel better if you were more active and maybe weighed slightly less. But you’re sick to the back teeth of the diet mentality. Each time the next diet Monday comes around you find yourself frantically eating ALL OF THE FOOD in anticipation of the new bout of denial. Each time you psych yourself up to start exercising you go ALL OUT twice, then ache all over and hate it. Despite your confidence in your professional life, you still find yourself inwardly comparing yourself to those magazine images and thinking of all those amazing things you *could* do *when…*. Well, how about starting now, but in a different way?

Too many exercise plans assume you’re already at the point of being ready to go. That you already have all the kit and just need showing how a few machines in the gym work and you’ll be immediately self sufficient. That so long as you buddy up with someone you’ll miraculously have self-motivation. They overlook that for many of us getting started is so much more than that. We need to work through the excuses and barriers. We need to change our language around success and failure, we need to look at turning negatives into positives. This programme supports you from being on the sidelines, wanting to get started but overwhelmed by all the barriers to getting more active, having understood what is best for YOU.

So, what’s the deal? Well, in this 8 module course we will look at lots of the mindset things that stop so many of us getting started. We’ll delve into your relationship with food and with your body. We’ll see what “gym” equipment you have around you in your everyday life so you can incorporate moving more into daily activities. And with each module you’ll get an exercise video to follow. The video is maximum 10 minutes long, with the option for you to repeat the main exercises 2 or 3 times, should you wish. As well as all this,you’ll get full support in the closed facebook group and regular check in emails.

Sounds amazing. I’m in. Where do I sign up? Right here:

First Steps to Fitness


Sounds good, but I’ve got some questions.

Who is this programme for?

First Steps to Fitness is for you if you want to start getting more active from a mostly sedentary start. There is no such thing as too unfit to take part. Honestly, I don’t care if you can do one star jump before collapsing on the couch of if you’re OK to walk a mile once in a while but get out of breath going up stairs. I want to help you get to a level of fitness that means you can participate in all the things you’re missing out on at the moment. If ultimately you want to sign up for a marathon or whatever, that’s great. If ultimately you want to be able to walk your dogs further and feel better in yourself, that’s also great.

In First Steps to Fitness, we’ll get you started. It’s up to you how big you aim afterwards.

Who is this programme NOT for?

It isn’t for you if you’re already happy in the gym, or you’re a regular exerciser in any other capacity (at least once a week). Of course you’d be welcome to join us, but I suspect you’ve already worked through most of your barriers and excuses.

Do I need a gym membership?

Absolutely not. This is all about how to fit more moving into everyday life. Unless you want to, you will never need to set foot in a gym. Ever.

Do I need any specialist equipment?

Nope, in fact one of the modules focuses on the amazing fitness equipment you already have in your home. (Spoiler alert – there’s loads!)

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. I would suggest a decent sports bra, but don’t worry if you don’t have one to start with. If you have trainers, great; if not, bare foot is fine, so long as you’ve got carpeted floors/a yoga mat. Bare feet on hard flooring isn’t ideal.

I’m pretty self-conscious – who will see me exercise?

Nobody, unless you let them. You can work out in your home, you can walk around the block if you want to. But there’s nobody watching your every move, there’s nobody nearby posing while they do their exercise, there’s just you and the course videos.

For your own safety if you find you’re struggling with any of the moves then we’ll have an online 1-2-1 so I can make sure your technique is OK, but I’ll only be looking at technique.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay in 3 monthly installments – just email me for information.

I don’t have any spare time – how can I fit this in?

Unlike many exercise plans, this isn’t about driving somewhere, spending an hour there then coming home. Everything is designed to fit in around life. We look at how to double up time, how to incorporate 10 minutes of movement here and there into a standard day, and so on. This is absolutely designed to fit in with your life, not to add extra pressure. I totally understand that making time for exercise has never been on your priorities list, and I don’t propose to suddenly turn you into someone who wants to spend hours doing fitness classes. However, you’ll be amazed how much you can do in those dead moments in the day (while the kettle is boiling, during the advert breaks etc)

Will I lose weight?

You might, but that isn’t our primary goal. If you’re anything like me you’ve tried most of the diets out there, and have always found you end up back at square one. The focus of this programme is on moving more and building self confidence, so in turn you want to make healthier food choices. We won’t be focusing on weight, rather we’ll go on measurements and how your clothes fit. Friends and family are likely to tell you you’re looking better, certainly.

What is it costing me NOT to sign up?

If you know you need to move more, you know it’s damaging your health being sedentary all the time and you want to get started with no pressure whatsoever, this is the programme for you. If you’re ready to make changes, then this course is what you’ve been waiting for. We’ll do so much more than just exercise – we’ll work through all those excuses and other mindset stuff, we’ll look at body confidence, we’ll look at how food can fuel you, and whether you’re an emotional eater. So much more than just an exercise programme. If you’re ready to start, you can’t afford to miss out on this. In fact, your body and your health will love you forever when you do sign up.

I was always last to be picked for school sports teams – I guess I’m not cut out to get fit?

Me too! Last to be picked every time. It took me until my mid 30s to realise that the people at school who told me I was no good at sport don’t need to have any hold over my future health. Maybe I’m not as great at team sports as some others in my school year, but does that mean I can’t be active? Absolutely not. And you’re the same. In fact, let me know your worst school sports story – we can have a hall of fame!

No sports teachers here. No bullying. Nothing but support and encouragement. You’ll go at your pace doing what you find you enjoy.

I went to the gym previously and I HATED it.

Gyms can be really intimidating places. I have found one or two over the years that I’m happy in but there are others I simply turn around and walk out of. And I’m a qualified gym instructor! So I feel your pain. No gyms on this programme unless you want to go to one.

I’m overweight. I guess I should wait until I’ve lost some lbs before I get started?

So long as you’re basically healthy (no heart conditions, no un-monitored illnesses, healthy blood pressure), you can start now. Weight isn’t a reason not to start moving more, and actually once you start getting more active there’s every chance you’ll want to eat healthier food so you’ll find you’re onto a winner.

It’s so easy to get into the “I’ll do it when…” trap, and weight is one so many of us hide behind. But if you’re anything like me and so many of my clients, you’ll know that leaving stuff until you reach some magical mythical weight (dictated by someone else!) makes you utterly miserable in the mean time. How about we turn this on its head and start with making you happy and active RIGHT NOW and step out of the “I’ll do it when….” mindset.

I have tried every diet. Every time I step on the scales I feel like such a failure.

I hear you. I’ve tried a LOT of diets. I’m heavier now than before I started my last diet. What? Why are you telling me this, Emily? Well, because I am finally at peace with my size and my shape. I know I am not skinny, but I know my body can do awesome things. I want you to feel like this, to step away from the diet and scales mentality, to become happy in your skin. I can’t tell you how much I want this for you.

By the way *whispers* in my world, there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” food – there is just food. Some of it makes you feel great, some of it makes you feel less good. Once you get used to which makes you feel great, you choose it more often. Simple huh? Yeah, I know it’s not that simple, I know there’s a whole world of emotional eating, boredom eating, stress eating. I totally get it. We have a whole module on food. Not about what you do or don’t eat, but about why you eat. When you start to understand why, it’s easier to see the habits and start to create healthier habits.

I’m not fit enough to do an hour’s class.

Don’t panic! We’ll start with 10 minutes. That can be 10 minutes walking, dancing to your favourite music, doing exercises using baked bean tins while you cook, stretching at your desk. So long as it’s more than you’re currently doing, it’s a win.


Sound like you? Feel like you’ve finally found the course for you? Sign up here to pay in one installment. Just £100 for the whole course.

First Steps to Fitness

Or email me to pay 3 monthly installments of £35.

What’s stopping you?