Get outside in nature

I don’t think I’m alone in finding getting outdoors therapeutic. I love to walk with my dogs, I love to run (slowly, and chattily) with friends, I love to ski.

Do you know what I love most with these activities? The chance to clear my head. The chance to mull over stuff that I need to find an answer to. The chance to talk through things that haven’t quite made sense.

You see, if I walk alone I find that in the very act of moving myself forward while filling my lungs with air, my head finds new ways to process information. Swimming does the same, so long as there’s nobody getting in the way in the lane!!! Honestly, I often find that if I sit at my desk and stare at a list, the inspiration simply never comes, yet as soon as I grab a dog or two and start walking the solution presents itself.

And if I walk or run or ski with others, what’s the benefit? Well, being side by side with someone, rather than face to face, makes it easier to talk about things that have been upsetting you. Face to face insecurities kick in – should I word it like this or that, will someone take offence, will I go red – but side by side brings a freedom. Add the fact that you’re moving, you’re outside so the scenary and surroundings are constantly changing as you go forwards, and you can unburden yourself of things you never thought you would be comfortable talking through. And your companion, because they are also moving and observing ever-changing scenery, is much more receptive to hearing you and absorbing the information.

Try it, it’s liberating. Find a close friend and just walk with them. Talk through things you have been worrying about and see how you get on. Report back (doesn’t need to be in detail, don’t worry!) in my Embracing Fitness community on Facebook.