Starting Your Weight Loss Journey

Tired of the punishing diets? Let little changes lead the way to a healthier weight.

One of the main reasons that people start fitness plans is losing weight. Often these are backed with unrealistic goals and hard-line plans.

Most diets are unsustainable. Exercise only helps you lose weight if eating habits change. So how do you start eating differently?

This is where the Get Energised plan gives you the support you need to start a different approach to weight management.



In addition to everything included in the Get Moving and Get Active plans, the Get Energised plan gives you support with daily food habits.


Use a food diary together with basic nutritional advice, and Emily will help you understand how energy and hunger levels work throughout the day.

In an extended 20-30 minute Skype session, she reviews your exercise activities and talks about how your food is working with your life.

Get the following from the Get Energised program

  • Good food knowledge Emily breaks apart the three meal a day model to give you the freedom to eat before you need to binge.
  • Stopping the cycle of using food as a personal punishment by denying yourself all the things you like. Eat what you want. With no punishment, you will no longer need will power.
  • Looking at today, not yesterday who cares what you have been eating, that’s in the past. Jumpstart gives you the support on where you are going.


All of this is available for £99 per month


Working with exercise and keeping on your own course is always easier with a helping hand along the way.

Emily has been a slave to the biscuit barrel and a fan of cake, for many years – and knows exactly how seductive sugar can be. And that’s why she’s the ideal companion on your road to fitness.


Think that the Get Energised plan could be right for you?

If you would like to know more about the Get Energised program, then simply contact Emily and arrange an initial Skype consultation appointment.

In 10-20 minutes time you’ll discover how the program works and whether it’s the right direction to get you started back on your journey towards a fitter, healthier and happier you.