Need a Bit More Support?

The Get Active Plan is designed to keep you on track and motivated with success on your fitness journey.

One of the biggest challenges with getting more active is knowing where to start.

Let Emily step in and help you take the weight. With the Get Active plan, unlike the Get Moving Plan, you get weekly one-to-one Skype sessions where you can talk through your progress.

Whatever’s holding you back, from time management through to not understanding the techniques, Emily helps you overcome these obstacles.

Together you build a strong foundation for your daily exercise plan that’s realistic and achievable.

After Emily creates your unique exercise plan, she checks in every week for a 5-15 minute Skype session to ensure you are on track and setting you up for another week of success.

We never dwell on guilt of missed sessions, just focus on the success of completed ones.


Get the following from the Get Active plan

  • A friendly accountability Emily gives you the emotional support you need to feel on the right track. It’s about celebrating your personal successes.
  • Get those exercises right ensure that you’re developing good technique and maximising the health benefits of all your exercises.
  • Managing mindset and challenges helping you to get over those behaviours and beliefs that have held you back in the past.
  • Access to the Facebook group extra support is available to help you when you’re not feeling it from the shared Facebook group.
  • Focusing on realistic success need time off for a dinner? Having a weekend away with the family? All this can be factored into your fitness plan.


All of this is available for £75 per month.


And when it comes to accountability, Emily has her own style that’s different from other personal trainers.

She helps you focus on your successes and the changes you have made, rather than looking at what you still need to do.

By helping you see fitness in a new light, it becomes easier to commit to a schedule – and get the lifestyle you long for, deep down.


Think that the Get Active plan could be right for you?

If you would like to know more about the Get Active plan, then simply contact Emily and arrange an initial Skype consultation appointment.

In 10-20 minutes time you’ll discover how the program works and whether it’s the right direction to get you started back on your journey towards a fitter, healthier and happier you.