My name is Emily Barclay and you could say I am the brains behind Embracing Fitness and our amazing Jumpstart plans. After years of watching my weight go up and down and my motivation for fitness spark and die again, I started to think there must be a life beyond the endless drudge of punishing gym sessions and flavourless diets.

Like so many of us, I had never been good at school games. Years of being the last one picked for netball had left me believing that I simply wasn’t an active person. Even though I managed to hit the heady height of playing one game for the hockey C team, sport was simply not for the likes of me.

A series of very sedentary jobs, sitting around at desks all day, left me with an energy slump. Lunchtimes started becoming nap-times and I got a dog to get me out of the house and walk. All too often those walks ended at the pub and my hard work was quickly undone with a few halves of relaxation.

In 2010 I met my partner. He was a cyclist, but not one of those terrifying men in lycra. He’d always wanted to do a triathlon, so I signed up too. My next thought was that I needed to learn how to swim properly. And cycle. And run. Even though I was slow, just getting started made me realise that fitness makes you feel better about life.

It’s often when you think that you have escaped the woods that you wander right back in. Or this is what I found when I started another sedentary job after finding my fitness. Within months my good work had unravelled again and I landed with no energy. Only this time I felt I had undone all the sustained effort I’d previously put in and was beating myself up about letting it go so easily.

In 2016 I managed to get everything back in place. With smaller, more manageable sessions coupled with minor dietary changes I found it was actually less stressful to get back in shape than facing the jogging shoes, swimsuit and racer bike.

At this time I realised that I wanted to help others get back into shape. I qualified as a personal trainer, as much as I dislike that title I wanted to make a difference. Instead of going for the athletic types who don’t really need my help, I chose to work with people like me, helping those who have had a lifetime of exercise aversion finally find a balance in their lives.

And this was the birth of Jumpstart. A different kind of fitness and health system that comes without the pressure and should do’s of other more military styles. It is my belief that by doing what you can on a daily basis, that you are way more likely to make the long term change you deserve.

Small changes lead to huge results – with our Jumpstart plans

Emily understands my goals

Before signing up to Embracing Fitness I would have never dreamed of having a Personal Trainer. However Emily really understands my fitness goals around training for triathlons. I’m 41 and hadn’t really done a huge amount of fitness before but Emily has tailored the sessions so I can really see a difference in my triathlon training sessions.
Most of all she makes everything fun and accessble, and many a time we enjoy a good giggle during our sessions. The other important thing that Emily understands is that I have to fit my sessions in around working and being a single parent of two small children, and she is really thoughtful around adapting the training to suit what I can fit in and where in my week.
Overall I can’t recommend Embracing Fitness enough! If anyone is either new to fitness, or wants a more detailed plan very tailored to them, then Embracing Fitness is the place to go. I wish I’d have been able to find someone like Emily sooner!

Sarah-Jayne February 19, 2017

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