Can’t seem to Jumpstart your fitness?

Get your ball rolling with our personalised health and exercise plans.

  • Want to get up off the sofa and have more energybut don’t know where to begin?
  • Want to start moving and be more active in your lifebut find the idea of gym or jogging simply scary?
  • Want to start eating to improve healthbut keep on dipping into biscuits, cake and chocolate for that instant energy fix?


This is where Embracing Fitness’s Jumpstart plans are different from the pack of other personal trainers. If your biggest challenge has always been making that first move toward health and being more active then you are in the right place.

Lose the Lycra, don’t sweat the heavy gym sessions, and kick the calorie counting into touch. Our sessions are uniquely designed around you, working to give you the little successes and victories that build up your motivation for change.

Our sessions take place over Skype on your timescales. Choose the level of involvement that’s right for you and get ready for an atmosphere of support, celebrating your successes rather than focusing on your failures.


Select from one of our 3 plans:

  • Get Moving . join the Jumpstart Facebook community and access a world of support from Emily in your monthly Skype calls. 
  • Get Active the same as the Get Moving plan, but you’ll also benefit from weekly Skype sessions where we check your exercises and show you some love.
  • Get Energised just like the Get Active plan, only we help you out with food swaps, recipes and everything you need to get your eating helping you, not hindering.


Don’t know which plan is right for you? Don’t worry…

Before you even consider signing up with Jumpstart we want to make sure our programs will meet your needs.

That’s why we offer everyone a free 20 minute Skype consultation call where you can ask any questions you like and find out if we really are the right fit for your fitness

Small changes lead to huge results…


Contact us now and get ready to Jumpstart your fitness…